Faculty & Staff

Useful Numbers

Library Administration:773.508.2641
Information Commons:773.508.8000
Circulation (Cudahy Library):773.508.2632
Circulation (Lewis Library):312.915.6622
Reference Desk (Cudahy Library):773.508.2654
Reference Desk (Lewis Library):312.915.6631
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Benjamin Aldred Reference and Government Information Librarian / Subject Specialist for Anthropology, International Studies, Peace Studies, Political Science, and Sociology baldred@luc.edu 773.508.2627
Annette Alvarado Reserves Associate aalvarado2@luc.edu 312.915.6629
Gino Angelini Systems Administrator gangeli@luc.edu 773.508.7731
Gabrielle Annala Reference Librarian; Subject specialist for Business Administration and Communication gannala@luc.edu 312.915.6948
Elise Aversa Librarian, Rome Center eaversa@luc.edu 011-39-06-3558-8341
Fred Barnhart Associate Dean for Library Services and Collections fbarnha@luc.edu 773.508.2620
Jack Bedrosian Serials Cataloging Assistant jbedrosian@luc.edu 773.508.2832
Faith Bennett Late Evening Supervisor fbennet@luc.edu 773.508.7371
Laura Berfield Archivist lberfield@luc.edu 773.508.2392
Eileen Black Government Documents Assistant eblack3@luc.edu 773.508.8413
Nicole Brodsky Assistant to the Dean for Programming and Outreach nbrodsky@luc.edu 773.508.2616
Andrea Buiser Weekend Supervisor abuiser@luc.edu 773.508.7376
Maria Cangco Serials Adds, Relocations, and Withdrawals mcangco@luc.edu 773.508.2662
Charis Caputo Monograph Acquisitions and Copy Cataloging Assistant ccaputo@luc.edu 773.508.3179
Ling-li Chang Head of Monograph Acquisitions and Cataloging lchang@luc.edu 773.508.2651
Karen Cherone Circulation Services Supervisor kcherone@luc.edu 773.508.2633
James Conley Media Services Librarian jconley1@luc.edu 773.508.8423
Terry Cornelius Inter-Campus and Inter-Library Loans, Audiovisual tcornel@luc.edu 312.915.6216
Vanessa Crouther Access Services Supervisor vcrouth@luc.edu 312.915.6632
Jane Currie Reference Librarian; Subject Specialist for History, Islamic World Studies, Philosophy, Theology, and Women's Studies & Gender Studies jcurrie@luc.edu 773.508.2773
Avril DeBat Fines and Reserves adebat@luc.edu 773.508.2631
Mary Donnelly Evening Supervisor mdonnelly1@luc.edu 773.508.8360
Katherine Dunn Preservation Associate kdunn3@luc.edu 773.508.2138
Nancy Freeman Director, Women and Leadership Archives nfreeman1@luc.edu 773.508.8432
David Givens Monograph Acquisitions Coordinator; Subject Specialist for Fine Arts dgivens@luc.edu 773.508.2647
Brian Harag Intercampus Loan Assistant bharag@luc.edu 773.508.2634
Margaret Heller Digital Services Librarian mheller1@luc.edu 773.508.2686
Ashley Howdeshell Associate Archivist ahowdeshell@luc.edu 773.508.2660
Sue Israilevich Catalog Librarian sisrail@luc.edu 773.508.2653
Jennifer Jacobs Director of Administrative Services jjacobs3@luc.edu 773.508.3963
Candice Jones Evening and Weekend Supervisor cjones17@luc.edu 312.915.6622
Kevin Kennedy Business Manager kkenne6@luc.edu 773.508.2656
Will Kent Reference and Electronic Resources Librarian; Subject specialist for Nursing and Chemistry wkent@luc.edu 773.508.2658
Ewa Laska Copy Cataloging and Catalog Maintenance Coordinator elaska@luc.edu 773.508.2619
Amy Leung Daytime Supervisor aleung@luc.edu 773.508.8389
Tom Linke Mailroom tlinke@luc.edu 773.508.2629
Linda Lotton Interlibrary Loan Assistant llotton@luc.edu 773.508.8404
Hong Ma Head of Library Systems hma2@luc.edu 773.508.2590
Stephen Macksey Reference; Subject Specialist for Black World Studies, Chemistry, Physics, and Psychology smackse@luc.edu 773.508.2644
Niamh McGuigan Head of Reference Services; Subject Specialist for English, Latin American Studies, and Cudahy Reference nmcguigan@luc.edu 773.508.2637
Sarah Meisch Serials Acquisitions Assistant smeisch1@luc.edu 773.508.2591
Sarah Morris Reference Librarian; Subject Specialist for Classical Studies and Modern Languages and Literature smorris4@luc.edu 773.508.2778
Mike Nassar Evening Supervisor mnassar@luc.edu 773.508.2632
Donna Olsen Copy Cataloging dolsen1@luc.edu 773.508.2625
Katherine Paterson Monograph Copy Cataloging and Catalog Maintenance Assistant kpaterson@luc.edu 773.508.2649
Carey Portis Overnight Supervisor cportis@luc.edu 773.508.8374
Steve Pump Serials Acquisitions Coordinator spump@luc.edu 773.508.3595
Bodgie Recometa Periodicals Associate rrecome@luc.edu 312.915.6621
Anne Reuland Assistant Dean for Technical Services and Planning areuland@luc.edu 773.508.2674
Sherri Rollins Serials and Electronic Resources Librarian srollins1@luc.edu 773.508.8409
Tracy Ruppman Reference Librarian; Subject Specialist for Education truppman@luc.edu 312.915.6949
David Schmidt Recall/Search Assistant dschmid@luc.edu 773.508.6023
Ursula Scholz Head of Access Services; Subject Specialist for Library Science uscholz@luc.edu 773.508.2636
Kristina Schwoebel Reference Librarian; Subject Specialist for Mathematics and Computer Science kschwoe@luc.edu 312.915.8693
Robert Seal Dean of Libraries rseal@luc.edu 773.508.2657
Martha Spring Head of Serials and Electronic Resources mspring@luc.edu 773.508.2650
Jennifer Stegen Interlibrary Loan Librarian jstegen@luc.edu 773.508.6022
Svetlana Surkevicius Administrative Assistant esurkevicius@luc.edu 773.508.2641
Jimmy Thomas Stacks Supervisor jthom14@luc.edu 773.508.2831
Paul Voelker Director, Information Commons pvoelke@luc.edu 773.508.3949
Susan Wardzala Assistant Head of Lewis Library; Subject Specialist for Criminal Justice and Social Work swardza@luc.edu 312.915.6635
Yolande Wersching Head of Lewis Library; Subject Specialist for Lewis Reference, Pastoral Studies, and Rome ywersch@luc.edu 312.915.6623
Kelsey Williams Monograph Acquisitions Associate kwilliams11@luc.edu 773.508.2648
Bernardine Williams Recall/Search Assistant bwillia@luc.edu 312.915.6731
Kathy Young University Archivist, Curator of Rare Books kyoung3@luc.edu 773.508.2661