Off-Campus Access

Virtually all of Loyola Libraries’ electronic resources, including databases and online journals, can be accessed by current students, faculty and staff from any off campus location via our Flagship proxy server. 

At this time, Loyola alumni do not have access to electronic resources from off campus, but can use them by visiting any physical Loyola Libraries location.

If you are a Loyola University Medical Center student, faculty or staff you will need to login via the Loyola University Health Sciences Library.

How To Connect

You can access Loyola Libraries’ electronic resources from off campus two ways.

  1. Log in directly to the Flagship proxy server with your Loyola username and password. You will then have the option to continue onto the Libraries’ homepage, the research database list or the Loyola Libraries’ Research Guides.

  1. You can browse our electronic resources from the Libraries’ homepage as usual. Once you click on a database or electronic journal, a Flagship proxy log in screen will appear. After you log in with your Loyola username and password, you will be brought to your selected resource.

Having Trouble Connecting?

If you are having difficulties accessing resources from off campus or logging into the Flagship proxy server, you can follow the steps below or contact us directly at or 774-508-2654.

  1. Retry your username and password to ensure no typing errors were made. Remember, you do not need to add "" after you Loyola username.
  2. Check to see if you can log into a different Loyola University service such as Outlook email or Sakai. If not, you most likely need to reset your password. You can do this in your Personal Account Manager (PAM). For more information, click here. If your password does work for other Loyola services, continue onto Step 3.
  3. If you can log into a different Loyola University service, you should still check your Personal Account Manager (PAM). You can log in with your Loyola username or last name. Once you have identified your personal account, check to see if you have any red or yellow lights in your status area.  If you have all green lights, skip to Step 6. If you have a red or yellow light, click on the light to see more detailed information about the problem.
  4. If you have a red or yellow light in the Intruder Lockout or Grace Logins row, you can usually remedy this by changing your password with the Password Reset link on the left hand side. If you are unable to change your password using this link, contact the ITS Help Desk to request a password change.
  5. If you have a red or yellow light in the Login Disabled or Account Expired row you will need to contact the ITS Help Desk immediately to determine the exact nature of the access block.
  6. If you have all green lights in PAM, contact us via text, IM, email, or phone. Please include as much detail as possible in your message.

Loyola Libraries’ Electronic Resources Help: or 773-508-2654

Loyola ITS Help Desk: or 773.508.4ITS