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Surveys & Feedback

We want to thank our users for taking the time to provide feedback on our Spring 2010 user survey. We read each comment carefully and review what actions we can take to improve your experience. Below are some examples.

Borrowing Books From Other Libraries

You are next to the biggest universities with great book collections, Northwestern, University of Chicago, UIC, etc. Can't you work out a book sharing program with them?

Students, faculty, and staff can check out materials from the libraries at Northwestern and UIC with a current Loyola ID. While we do not have a similar arrangement with the University of Chicago, their materials (and those of libraries worldwide) are available to the LUC community through interlibrary loan.

Getting Books Easily

I find it extremely frustrating to have to fill out the forms to request books from the Cudahy Library, which I have to do regularly since I am at WTC and most of the books I need are at Cudahy. [It would be great if you could] request books online & have them pulled & ready for you at the front desk.

We agree that requesting books should be easy, so we have added a "Request" button to Pegasus, the library's online catalog. When you find a title you need, simply choose "Request" under the Actions heading on the right-hand side of the screen. Log in to your library account using the barcode on the back of your LUC ID and confirm your request. We will pull the book for you and deliver it to the pick-up location of your choice. You can also request books from Loyola and libraries around the world in WorldCat Local.

Learning to Use Library Resources

I am not quite sure how to make better use of the library electronic database. If there will be some workshop in the future, it would be great. Or, will there be any assistance individually, should be nice. Thank you.

More elaborate and up to date information specific to researchers in each discipline available online. Topics could include various research tools, search engines, bibliographic tools, other online resources, etc.

We want you to use information resources effectively and each semester we offer a variety of learning opportunities. All workshops are listed on the University Libraries calendar and posted to our blog, both of which are linked from our homepage.

Each subject area has its own Research Guide that orients researchers to the information resources best suited to it. Each one provides contact information for a Subject Specialist, who are available by appointment for one-on-one instruction. You may schedule an appointment by contacting the Subject Specialist directly or by submitting a Research Appointment Request.

Finding New Books

[The library] used to publish a list of the new books that the library has acquired. Is it possible to start doing that again electronically?

You may review books and other materials newly acquired by University Libraries in Pegasus, our local catalog. Note the New Books tab on the search screen; click on it and select the location and time period of interest to you. Click Search and a results list will appear. In addition, you may enjoy visiting our new books displays in Cudahy and Lewis Libraries periodically. Each contains a sampling of the new titles before they are shelved in their permanent location.

Easily Browsing Oversize Books

The oversize book collection does not allow a researcher to enter the library, find a book and leave. It would be of great benefit to be able to skim a title without going through the motion of applying for viewing.

We agreed that the closed oversize collection made browsing difficult. Fortunately, we were able to have facilities remove the enclosure over the summer, so please stop by and look around!

Accessing AV Resources

The process for accessing audio-visual materials needs to be easier, more user-friendly, and faster. There should be a browsable collection with faculty and student access.

As of last May, all of the DVDs held at Cudahy are available for browsing and immediate checkout. We do still accept advance reservations, though, and highly recommend them if movies are needed for showing in class.

Additional Survey Information

If you would like to read more about the survey responses, read the Executive Summary (PDF).