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Revue d'histoire Eccelesiastique -Bibliographie online

Founded in 1900, the Revue d’histoire ecclésiastique presents articles covering the entire history of Christianity. All of these articles are based on original source research and often develop innovative aspects in the area of historical methodology. They are published essentially in French and English, and exceptionally in German. Besides its articles, the Revue offers the reader recensions of recent books dealing with Church history in the large sense, in the form of critical reviews or brief descriptions. These recensions try to cover the most important publications in this sector. Added to that is a chronicle describing, by country, conferences, distinctions, doctoral theses, etc. Limited to 3 concurrent users.

Type: Reference Work

Format: Full-Text

Coverage: 2002-current

Update Frequency: Quarterly

Note: Limited to 3 simultaneous users.
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