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Courtesy & Behavior Policy

Quiet Study Areas

Each library reserves certain areas for quiet study and others for group study. Please respect others' needs for quiet while in quiet study areas. If you are working with a group, please ask at the Circulation or Reference Desk for a Group Study room or for an area where conversations won't disturb others. Please also note that the areas near Library Service Desks are not designated as quiet study areas, as staff may need to hold conversations and use equipment.

Cell Phones

Please do not make or receive telephone calls in the library study areas. Each library has designated areas where you can hold phone conversations without disturbing others. Please ask at the Reference Desk for more information.

Food and Drink Policy

Drinks and small snacks (such as chips or fruit) are permitted in most areas. Drinks must be in spill-proof containers, such as bottles with lids or travel mugs. Meals are not permitted in any part of the library.

  • Examples of permitted food: candy, bagels, dried fruit, and granola bars.
  • Examples of prohibited food: pizza, sandwiches, hamburgers, fries, salads, ice cream, subs, or any other messy foods.

The Reading Rooms at both libraries are off-limits to food, although beverages in appropriate containers are permitted.

Neither food nor beverages are permitted in the University Archives or the Women and Leadership Archives.

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