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University Libraries Impact Report 2023


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am happy to share with you the impact report of the Loyola University Chicago Libraries for the year just ended. Anchored by the university’s mission and our abiding commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice, the library’s strategic plan guided our every effort. You may view the entire plan at

The image on the cover of this report provides a glimpse into our Information Commons, which underwent a complete interior refresh this year—one of many highlights showcased on the pages that follow. Others include being awarded a Building Diversity Graduate Assistantship by the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI); securing the invaluable scripts and notebooks of celebrated White House correspondent and Loyola alumnus Bill Plante (BS ’59); and partnering with faculty, staff, students, and the community to enhance teaching, learning, and research. Additionally, we continued to expand our holdings of information resources, grow our staff, and increase our programmatic offerings.

I invite you to explore this report more fully and to follow up with us directly at


Marianne Ryan, PhD
Dean, University Libraries


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Thank you to our entire faculty and staff for contributing stories that showcase the many ways we support teaching, learning, and research. We are also grateful to our annual report team who worked along side of us to create this report:

Tim Bannon, Editor | Jocelyn Cheng, Project Coordinator | Ross Zafar, Designer | Lukas Keapproth, Photographer | Sara Dreyfuss, Copy Editor

Photo Credits

  • All photos by Lukas Keapproth, University Photographer, unless noted.

Page 7

  • Loyola University Chicago Archives & Special Collections. Thomas J. Bryant, SJ, Photograph Collection. Thomas J. Byrant, SJ, photographer.
  • Loyola University Chicago Archives & Special Collections. Thomas J. Dyba Photograph Collection. Thomas J. Dyba, photographer.

Page 9

  • Annette Alvarado

Page 11

  • Lucille Symoniak

Page 14

  • Sanjay Numbiar, Rambler Productions

Page 16 and 17

  • Jocelyn Cheng (photos C and E)
  • Sanjay Numbiar, Rambler Productions (photo D)

Page 18

  • Jocelyn Cheng

Page 23

  • Tori Golden

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